School Fees and Levies Policy

​​​​​​​​​Because we believe in the value of justice and because St Ita's is a community which concerns itself with satisfying the needs of its members, both individually and collectively, it is necessary for each of us to contribute as required to the financial responsibilities in maintaining and operating a Catholic School.

Guidelines for Implementation

  1. Fees and levies are necessary for the efficient operation of our school. Non-payment of fees places an 
    unfair burden on the rest of the parent body.
  2. Genuine financial difficulties will not pre-empt exclusion from the school. This matter should be discussed with the Principal and appropriate concessions will be arranged.
  3. The tuition fee is calculated in accord with the Archdiocesan recommendations and local need.
  4. Tuition fees may be paid up front for the year, per semester, per term or distributed across ten months (via Direct Debit) - February to November.
  5. We also accept voluntary building fund donations, which are fully tax deductible.
  6. A $50 deposit is required at the time of lodgement of enrolment application. Upon confirmation of enrolment an additional $50 is required.  This amount is deducted from the first school fees account if your child begins school at St Ita's.
  7. Students may participate in our instrumental music program. This program is an extra-curricular activity conducted in school hours but is totally self-funded and you will be advised of the tuition fees.

Fees Concession Policy


  1. Families wishing to apply for concessional fees need to make an appointment to discuss their situation with the Principal.
  2. Any fee concessions are negotiated during an interview. The aim of the interview is to determine a just and equitable fee which is within the family's ability to pay.
  3. Once a fee concession is granted, it is essential that this commitment be honoured in full and on time. Families are encouraged to communicate with the Principal frequently as family circumstances may change.
  4. New arrangements must be negotiated at the beginning of each school year.


School Fees Billing Procedure

  1. The school will issue an account for full fees in the first week of each term.
  2. Any arrangements to vary the terms of payment must be made with the Principal.
  3. Reminders on outstanding accounts will be processed within seven days after the due date and will show a red dot.
  4. The Principal and the Secretary will review accounts that remain outstanding twice each term and contact will be made with the family to discuss their situation​.​

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