Assessment and Reporting

​Assessing student learning is an integral part of the academic process. It improves learning and informs teaching. It is the process through which teachers identify, gather and interpret information about student learning and progress in order to improve, enhance and plan for further learning.

St Ita’s current reporting practices include summaries of student achievement in a digital report format; teacher/parent interviews about learning achievement and progress as well as portfolio reporting incorporating examples of student achievement or progress in learning areas.

Parent-Teacher Interviews are offered at the start of Term Two and at the end of Term Three. Parents are expected to attend these interviews. This provides an opportunity for teachers to share with parents/guardians, an overview of the learning progress and attitudes of individual students. It also provides an opportunity to target any issues the child may be experiencing.

Digital Reports are prepared for the end of Semester 1 and 2. The Digital Report records the student’s academic performance as well as work habits, study skills and personal development. These reports are accessible via the Parent Portal.

Teachers report according to the standards of the Australian Curriculum.

Parents are encouraged to arrange an appointment at any time through the year to discuss their child’s progress. An effective partnership between teachers and parents is essential for continuing support of quality teaching and learning. ​