Health, Physical Education

​The Physical Education Program at St Ita’s aims to involve every student through participation in a range of fine and gross motor skills, body and spatial awareness and use of equipment in free and structured settings.

Physical Education contributes to the development of health-related fitness including aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and desirable levels of skill attainments, as well as promoting amongst the participants a greater self-belief in their own abilities.

Physical Education at St Ita’s caters for a range of physical activities and includes play, games skills, structured sports, aquatic pursuits and dance.

At St Ita’s, our Physical Education Programs are highlighted by a focus on developing a positive attitude towards participation in a range of physical activities. The students are encouraged to appreciate the benefits of physical activity and to develop a healthy respect for individuals and of the rights of others.​​

The students accept physical challenges and do so willingly in order to enhance their self-esteem and that of others.

St Ita’s offers a wide range of programs for students from Prep to Year Six.

Swimming Program – Learn to swim, stroke correction and advanced skills techniques

Cross Country Program – Technical coaching and training offered during season 

Athletics Program – All students are instructed across all areas of athletics​

​Major Sports Program – Students are exposed to all major sports, through the teaching of specific skills within PE Program. Development Officers reinforce these skills with regular visits covering major sports​