School Procedures

​​​​Playground Supervision
Our school playground is supervised by school staff between the hours of 8.15am and 3.15pm. 
Car Travel
Two options are available for pick up and drop off of children:

1. Parking is very limited around our school. There is some parking in Waterview Tce; however, parents are advised to park in the streets on the other side of Gladstone Rd if they wish to accompany their children to school in the morning. Between the hours of 9.00am and 2.15pm there is limited parking outside the office area for early collection or late arrival of children. The St Ita's car park on Gladstone Rd is reserved for staff of St Ita's.
2. Parents may drop off and pick up children by driving up Pope St and into the top car park. In the afternoons this drive through area is supervised by staff. Please follow their directions. Children must be collected by 3.15pm.
Visiting our School
When visiting our school during school hours, we ask that you register your arrival and departure at the office. This helps us to ensure the safety of children by knowing who is officially on site at any given time as well as knowing who is to be accounted for in the case of an emergency evacuation.

Leaving the School Grounds
Children may leave the school grounds only with express permission from the Principal or delegated teacher. If, for any reason, children have to be taken from school during the school day, parents or carers should notify the Principal and child's teacher and register arrival at the school office. Children will be called to the office to meet the parent or carer. Children must be signed in and out at the school office. 

Absences from School
If a child is absent, the parent or carer is asked to notify the school by email, phone or via the BCE Connect App as soon as possible. 
We do not have a tuckshop at the school. Children are required to bring a healthy lunch to school each day. We encourage frequent drinks of water and children are encouraged to bring a water bottle. Each Thursday the children are given the opportunity to order either sausage sizzle/burger or sushi on alternate weeks.  Each Friday the child​ren are given the opportunity to order either pastry or pizza on alternate weeks.
As well as formal parent-teacher interviews, parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with their child's class teacher to discuss their child's learning progress and social behaviour. Appointments can be made through the School Secretary. We do ask that parents are sensitive to the demands on teachers' time and their teaching responsibilities eg. before school, teachers are busy preparing for their class and have other responsibilities in the school and while in class, teachers are totally responsible for their students' welfare and should be interrupted only in an emergency.
Our fortnightly enewsletter is a valuable means of communication within our school and parish communities.  If you lodge your e-mail address with the office you will receive the e-newsletter every second Wednesday during term. ​