Student Leadership Policy


Leadership is integral to life long learning. All students in their final year of primary school need to be given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills. Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences will facilitate the transition to secondary school and the world beyond. Student leadership is driven by service to others and is embedded in our school motto “Serviam”.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all students are supported and encouraged to:

  • Develop a sense of belonging, responsibility and partnership by working together within a Catholic Christian community to follow the teachings of Jesus

  • Demonstrate respect for each person and the environment

  • Strive for unity through co-operation with staff and other students

  • Aim high in all that they do by being exemplary role models

  • Have representation in some areas of decision making


  • The Student Leadership Policy will be implemented and aligned to St Ita’s School Vision and Mission Statements

  • Student leadership will be a shared leadership model and will involve all of the students in their final year of primary education

  • All students in their final year will be presented with leadership badges at a school assembly at the beginning of the year

  • At the end of the preceding year the student leadership representatives will hand over to the collective group of incoming leaders who will be presented with a symbolic leadership candle


  • Display a high standard of behaviour at all times in and out of the classroom

  • Demonstrate the values of respect, trust and honesty

  • Demonstrate care and friendship to all members of the school


  • Be prepared to give up some of their time to fulfil the duties of


  • Value and understand the role of leadership

  • Demonstrate leadership qualities

  • Communicate articulately and confidently with peers and adults

  • Display a positive attitude and effort to learning

  • Participate actively in school activities

  • Wear the school uniform with pride


  • Representing the school at official functions

  • Welcoming visitors to the school for special assemblies etc

  • Greeting visitors at Prep Orientation days

  • Being involved in developing policies and making decisions which

    affect students e.g. playground, uniforms

  • Reporting feedback to students

  • Writing reports for the school newsletter

  • Assisting and/or organising functions within the school

  • Introducing and thanking guests to the school

  • Setting a positive tone for other students


At the commencement of each sporting season for Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country all students have an opportunity to lead their House (Waterford, McNamara and Maiwar) This involves:

  • Being a role model for other students

  • Assisting teachers to conduct their House Meeting before each carnival

  • Leading their sports house at school carnivals

  • Leading their team at representative school carnivals

  • Assisting teachers with setting up and organization of equipment

  • Speaking at assemblies


To promote and teach leadership skills all students in their final year of primary school will participate in Ministry groups. The groups will meet regularly to plan and discuss their projects.

The Ministry Groups are:

Social Justice, Pastoral Care and Catholic Identity.

The areas of responsibility include:

  • Leading school assemblies

  • Presenting reports on events and celebrations at assembly

  • St Vincent de Paul collections

  • Promoting special events e.g. St Ita’s Day, Catholic Education Week,

    Mission Week

  • Developing a Gospel values based theme for the school year

  • Fundraising activities

  • Promoting environmental awareness

  • Assisting with playground equipment distribution

  • Peer mediators

  • Drive through monitors

  • Assisting at special events e.g. Book Week, sports carnivals

  • Planning and facilitating student lunch time activities e.g. Talent

    Shows, drawing lessons

  • Demonstrating a high level of behaviour at all times


The senior students are our student role models. We acknowledge the gifts and talents which they bring to our community. They work hard and are successful in making our school a welcoming, friendly, just and inclusive community in which all students feel safe and happy to learn and play. They are the decision makers of the future and we hope that through our Shared Leadership Program which focuses on service through leadership they will develop skills and attitudes to assist them to become good citizens prepared to make a difference.


The roles and responsibilities of the Student Leadership positions will be reviewed annually by the students, staff and School Board.