About St Ita

​Our school was named after the saint called Ita. St Ita was born in the south east region of Ireland in County Waterford in 475 and was originally named Deirdre. She died around 570.

St Ita moved to Killeedy, Limerick, and founded a community of women dedicated to God. As well as educating those who joined her community as nuns, St Ita also set up a school for boys. She used to teach them that the Lord loves three things in a Christian: “faith in God with a pure heart, a spiritual Christian life with simplicity, and generous love.” It is believed that she taught many boys who later became saints- one of them being St. Brendan.

St Ita dedicated herself to prayer, fasting, simplicity and spirituality. It is also believed that she performed many miracles.

Her feast day is 15th January and she is the patron of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Limerick , Ireland.

St Ita’s life reflects many of our gospel values; be faithful, be caring, be of service and be peaceful. ​