Information and Communication Technologies

​​St Ita's Primary School is a school community striving to serve the needs of students in an authentic way. One of the School’s key learning and teaching principles is to utilise innovative pedagogical practices that effectively integrate technology. The 1:1 Device program gives practical expression to this principle.

1:1 (One-to-One) learning at St Ita's provides every student and teacher access to his or her own mobile device in a wireless environment allowing students to learn at their own pace and ability levels. 1:1 initiatives have gained momentum worldwide, and are increasingly seen as a key to transforming education and better preparing students to succeed in a global world.

In the 1:1 Device Program, students' access to a personal mobile device (such as an iPad or laptop) and the Internet enables them to be self-directed and receive highly personalised instruction. Teachers can create personalised learning opportunities for each child, addressing his or her unique needs. Students use their personal devices to construct knowledge, collaborate and communicate, problem-solve in a real world context, be innovative and self-regulate their learning. At the same time, they gain valuable 21st century skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives and careers. 

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