Our School Logo

​​During our Centenary year in 2019 it was decided to design a new contemporary logo for St Ita’s. It was imperative that this design would encapsulate all that St Ita’s represents including recognition of the Ursuline Sisters who have been involved and played an important role in our school over its first 100 years.

Our new logo contains many features which celebrate our history:

  • The crosses come from the Ursuline Sisters logo and its positioning represent the compassion shown by the sisters

  • The hands to remind us of the Ursuline Sisters motto ‘serviam’ as well as being a welcoming and inclusive community

  • The water represents the Brisbane River

  • These 3 words are the values that represent the Vision of St Ita’s

  • The crest from our original logo

  • The shape of an open book, to remind us of our learning

  • The Southern Cross reminds us of the great work the Ursuline Sister have done in Australia

St Ita's logo COL VERT.jpg 

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